Primary school students have had a wonderful time over the last 2 weeks with all manner of activities, excursions and incursions attended. I go back to Thursday, 11 March when our Year 5 students visited the Melbourne Zoo as part of their Biological Science Unit of Inquiry. Students visited the many habitats to further their understanding of structural features and adaptations that living things use to survive.

Last week, our Year 1 and 2 students completed their week-long swimming program at State Swim with students attending 5 consecutive swimming lessons to improve their confidence, understanding of water safety and stroke technique. I was fortunate to visit State swim during these lessons and was particularly pleased with the willingness and enthusiasm of our students to get involved and participate in this vitally important aspect of the Physical Education Curriculum. This week our Prep students are completing their swimming lessons with the same level of excitement and participation. I wish to acknowledge the work of Nicole Morton, our Head of Learning - Physical and Personal Development, for the work she has done in planning and organising these lessons for our students.

The Primary school celebrated Cultural Harmony week from Monday, 15 - Friday, 19 March. Students from Prep - Year 6 participated in dance and music incursions where they learnt dance moves from cultural dances around the world and sang along to music from other cultures. The highlight was our Cultural Harmony Week assembly where students shared their understanding of cultural harmony and we were treated to a wonderful cultural dance from four of our Year 5 students. We look forward to seeing these students again perform for us, but this time, live in front of a full CGA audience. Other highlights of the week included a cultural dress-up day, Bambino Gelato cones, a House soccer match and the wearing of anti-bullying orange wrist bands. I would also like to thank Signorina Arnese for her leadership and planning of this wonderful day of activities to celebrate cultural harmony at Hume Anglican Grammar.

The learning engagements continue with the Year 6 Adventure Day (rock, river, rescue), Hot Shots tennis lessons for Year 3 students and the Year 1 extended Day as part of our camping program. We also have our Years 3 - 6 Swimming Carnival at Oak Park Aquatic Centre next Wednesday and a casual clothes day on the last day of term. We look forward to a wonderful action-packed conclusion to another wonderful Term in the Primary school.

Luke Friend - Assistant Principal - Primary (Mt Ridley)