Term 1 of any school year is a busy one. The 5-day lockdown may have slowed the term down a little but it was a smooth return to Remote Teaching and Learning for teachers and students. It was great to have the two Parent Volunteer Courses very well attended in the last couple of weeks.

Our School is a community where teachers, students and parents work together. It was lovely to see parents returning to the classroom and helping with Perpetual Motor Program (PMP), listening to readers and helping with rotations. We celebrated Cultural Awareness Week and Harmony Day last week with the focus being everyone belongs, respecting culture and diversity. We had incursions for Year 1 about toys, past and present, Year 2 Chemical Science and Project Rockit looking at bullying and belonging for Year 4 and 5.

Sporting programs were run by experts in their field with tennis for Year 3 and AFL for Year 5. We thank the Parents and Friends Association for selling Zooper Doopers to our very excited students each Friday. Co-curricular clubs of Lego, cricket, board games, choir and dance saw many students enjoy learning new things and working together. We have many students participating in music lessons from guitar to violin, keyboard as well as singing. We look forward to our concerts in Term 2.

Easter is coming soon where we remember Jesus dying on the cross for us and the celebration of him rising to life again 3 days later. I wish all our parents, students and families a relaxing and safe holiday.

Rebecca Riley - Assistant Principal - Primary (Donnybrook)