Congratulations to all the Year 1students at Mt Ridley on beginning their school year in a positive and active way. As Term 1 draws to a close so much learning has already occurred across all curriculum areas.

In English classes, weekly phoneme focus words are analysed where students are identifying vowel and consonant sounds, syllables and expanding their vocabulary knowledge. Recount and Procedure genres of text have been the focus in Writing Lessons. In Mathematics, students have continued to use concrete materials to assist them with partitioning two-digit numbers as well as learning multiple addition strategies such as counting on and doubling.

During Inquiry Lessons students have shared their family structures and investigated toys from the past and present. A definite highlight for the first term of 2021 was the intense swimming week. Students were able to practise and build upon their skills daily and finish the week off with exciting water games. The Year 1 dinner scheduled for Friday, 26 March is sure to be another highlight for both students and staff.

We look forward to a successful year with our students.

Emma McKenzie - Teacher